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Post: City of York to Use New EV Charging ‘HyperHub’ to Help National Grid and Earn Revenue


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Home | City of York to Use New EV Charging ‘HyperHub’ to Help National Grid and Earn Revenue

Posted 3 months ago | 4 minute read

City of York to Use New EV Charging ‘HyperHub’ to Help National Grid and Earn Revenue

City of York Council has chosen GridBeyond, an intelligent energy technology provider, to control and monetise energy flexibility of its new EV (electric vehicle) charging ‘HyperHub’ at Monks Cross Park & Ride, a part of the largest public EV charging site in the north of England.

The hub consist of solar panel canopies, an energy storage unit and both rapid and ultra-rapid chargers; the latter being the first for the City. GridBeyond will be responsible for managing the flexibility of a 350 KW on-site battery and enabling its participation in grid balancing services. By connecting the battery to the AI-powered energy technology platform, GridBeyond Point, energy flexibility of the hub will enable National Grid to integrate more renewable energy sources onto the electricity network, further supporting the decarbonisation of the economy.

In addition to advancing the Net-Zero agenda, the City of York will receive a regular monthly revenue from National Grid for participation in frequency balancing services. GridBeyond’s platform will provide advanced energy monitoring, forecasting and reporting on the battery and its state of charge, ensuring the flexibility is monetised through the most lucrative programmes and markets. All of this will be achieved without any impact on the operations of the charging hub or an upfront cost for the City of York. The battery and solar panels are provided by EvoEnergy, the UK’s leading expert in renewable assets.

The EV hub at Monks Cross Park & Ride is one of the two new fast charging facilities created by the City of York. The second site will be located at Poppleton Bar Park & Ride. Together, they will constitute the largest ‘HyperHubs’ in the region, and the first project of this type that ties together EV charging, renewable generation and energy storage in the City.

Mark Davis, Managing Director UK & Ireland at GridBeyond, commented:

“We are delighted to be working with the City of York Council and EvoEnergy on ensuring the maximisation of both financial and environmental benefits from the battery at the new EV charging ‘HyperHub’.

“The development of a reliable EV charging infrastructure is a critical enabler for energy transition and grid decarbonisation. All the more so when, like in the York project, the charging units are co-located with renewable generation and energy storage assets that can support the balancing of the energy network while delivering additional revenue for the battery owners.

“Besides participation in grid balancing services, AI-powered energy technologies, such as GridBeyond’s Point platform, enable operators of the EV networks to generate more efficiencies through the access to wholesale market – whether it is to buy energy when it is the cheapest and store it in a battery, or sell the energy when the prices are at their highest.”

Cllr Keith Aspden, Leader, and Cllr Andy D’Agorne, Deputy Leader of City of York Council, commented:

“The ‘HyperHub’ does not only deliver immediate benefits to the EVs users, enabling them to charge their cars easily and swiftly, using renewable energy, but the project will also contribute to the decarbonisation of the whole energy network.

“Thanks to GridBeyond’s technology, the on-site battery, used to store energy and charge EVs, will also provide additional flexibility to the power network, supporting National Grid with greater integration of renewable sources into the energy mix and advancing the net-zero agenda.”

Jonathan Roper at EvoEnergy, commented

“We are proud to have been awarded these challenging multifaceted projects. They combine the full range of EvoEnergy’s technology offering, and it is a pleasure working with future looking organisations such as City of York Council and GridBeyond.

“The York HyperHubs, with elements such as rapid and ultra-rapid chargers, solar energy generation and battery storage, act as a technology showcase. Combined with GridBeyond’s management of the battery for participation in grid balancing services, the sites actually help to strengthen the electricity grid and will allow the latest electric vehicles – and the next generation of EVs – to charge in a hassle-free way, helping to reduce emissions from road transport in York.”

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