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Your roadmap to Net Zero

The AI-powered platform transforming energy into opportunity

Helping industry, the grid, utilities and the economy reach net zero

Illustration of Grid Beyond technologies

GridBeyond has developed a unique AI-powered platform that is accelerating the transition to a net-zero energy sector.

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Our AI-powered platform integrates with and optimises energy demand and generation assets of all shapes and sizes, from refrigeration and arc furnaces to batteries and solar PV.

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Strategic decisions

Helping utilities, large businesses, EV fleet operators and generation owners make more strategic decisions about the way energy is used, stored and managed.

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Net zero

Supporting your business make cost savings and gain revenues while supporting the wider economy reach net zero.

GridBeyond - Delivering Net Zero

Here’s a step-by-step guide to how GridBeyond's AI-powered Point platform delivers enhanced energy services to organisations and stakeholders, for financial, operational and sustainable benefit…

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AI powered Energy Services

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Our Technology starts with your assets

Starting with optimisation of your existing assets
and energy trading strategy, our AI-powered platform, Point, processes 70+ data points to
ensure your assets are optimised in real time and in
the right market to maximise cost savings and
revenues. Our machine learning, solvers, robotic trading, and data scientists use this data to optimise
your assets further and boost your bottom line.

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Sub-second Monitoring and Optimisation

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Optimisation, Benchmarking, Carbon Reporting

Monitoring of your assets through our proprietary
hardware, TouchPoint, ensures that your assets are
working at maximum efficiency and any equipment
faults can be detected early, reducing downtime
and increasing visibility of energy use for accurate benchmarking and carbon reporting.

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Funded Battery for Resilience, Carbon Reduction, and Revenue

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No CapEx

With an in-depth understanding of your site energy
profile, its operational parameters and grid supply,
we install, with no CapEx, stationary battery storage, providing your business with an additional revenue stream, energy resilience and protecting vital equipment during voltage dips while supporting the green transition of the grid.

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Financing on-site generation

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On-site generation and solar PV

Revenues generated through monetising asset
flexibility, robotic trading, and operational savings, provide capital to further optimise your energy strategy for cost saving, carbon reduction and resilience through the installation of on-site generation and solar PV.

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Integrating EV Fleets

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Boost resilience and gain additional revenues.

From project sizing to grid connection, we support
the electrification of your vehicle fleets. By
ensuring your EVs are fully optimised alongside your existing assets, we help you reduce import
charges, integrate fast EV charging, boost
resilience and gain additional revenues.

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Net Zero

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Carbon Neutral

All without impacting your operations and
supporting your net-zero ambitions and those of
the wider energy sector.

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Net Zero

GridBeyond are helping to integrate more renewables onto the electricity grid for a cleaner, greener future.

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Ready to begin or advance your net-zero journey?

Discover if you can earn revenue from your energy-using assets. Talk to us and find out how your organisation can participate in lucrative and long-term grid balancing schemes.

Book a 20 minute assessment to determine whether your organisation is eligible. During the chat, our energy experts will be able to explain the process and answer any questions.