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Ai. Trade

Robotic Trading to monetise your position

Revenues up to £62,500/MW/y

By forecasting everything from weather conditions, the need for balancing actions on the grid to short-term wholesale market prices Ai. Trade helps you manage your flexible energy purchasing and on-site assets.

70+ data inputs combined with your site(s) data.

Our AI forecasting solution, Ai. Trade, uses advanced trading strategies, real-time forecasting, and analytics-driven decision support to create a solution that will optimise your financial returns.

Within the confines of your pre-agreed site profile, Ai. Trade uses AI and Robotic Trading to generate optimised revenues and savings:

  • Forecast and take advantage of volatility in short-term markets (day-ahead and intra-day)
  • Optimise your flexible load or on-site generation for trading and more efficient consumption
  • Shift site load to participate in balancing services

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