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Artificial intelligence for the energy transition

Discover how you can gain revenue and boost sustainability

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Transform energy into opportunity

AI powered Energy Services

  • Using Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and advanced data modelling, GridBeyond® provides intelligent Energy As A Service to tackle the challenges businesses face as they move towards a Net Zero future.


Asset-led approach

  • Starting with optimisation of your existing assets and trading strategy, our AI-powered Virtual Power Plant ensures your assets are optimised in real time and in the right market to maximise cost savings and revenues. Using robotic trading, we transform your energy trading strategy into opportunity and boost your bottom line.
  • Sub-second monitoring ensures predictive maintenance, reduces downtime and operating expenditure, and allows for carbon reporting.
  • All without impacting your operations, providing you with savings and revenues for investments and supporting your sustainability goals and the decarbonisation of the wider energy sector.

5 steps to boost your energy strategy

GridBeyond’s AI-powered platform ensures your assets are optimised at the right time and in the right market to maximise cost savings and revenues. Our simple 5-stage process ensures you’re on the right path...

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Identify assets

Our team will work with you to identify your suitable assets and provide a bespoke energy enhancement strategy to deliver savings, revenues and sustainability.

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Journey plan

Our team will develop a technical implementation plan for your site(s) detailing the installation process, any third-party requirements, and outlining resulting revenues and energy cost savings.

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With no capital outlay on your part, our engineers install and test the energy asset control system.

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Real-time response

Once testing is complete, we’ll connect your site to our hybrid battery storage and demand side network to ensure your assets are optimised at the right time and in the right market to maximise cost savings and revenues.

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Within one month, clients start receiving revenues, energy cost savings, operational efficiencies and accurate data on asset performance for accurate carbon reporting.

Expertise in Industry

At GridBeyond we enable industrial and commercial energy users to actively participate in traded energy markets and fast acting Demand Side Response services. We understand that every company has its own array of assets and requirements. Our technical understanding of the unique characteristics of a wide range of industry sectors means our engineers and data scientists are ideally placed to transform your energy flexibility into opportunity.

Ready to transform your energy into opportunity?

Discover if you can generate new revenues, enhance energy savings and boost sustainability with AI-powered Energy Services.

Book a 20 minute assessment to determine whether your company is eligible.
During the chat, our energy experts will be able to explain the process and answer any questions.