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Powerful, intelligent energy technology solutions & services

Delivering simple, risk-free revenue, savings & sustainability

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Transform energy demand into opportunity

GridBeyond® finds flexibility in industrial and commercial energy usage for savings, revenues and sustainability.

Using our intelligent energy technology, GridBeyond controls and optimises energy consumption for participation in Demand Side Response programmes and smart energy services.

GridBeyond simplifies the complex energy landscape by enabling participation in balancing services, capacity market, smart tariffs, energy trading, peak avoidance, energy efficiency programmes, and operational energy optimisation, all through a single, unified platform.

Our technology, connected to your site, helps the Grid to integrate intermittent renewable energy generation into the electricity mix. The Grid needs to balance supply and demand effectively, and incentivises businesses to reduce demand during peak times.

5 steps to Demand Side Response participation

GridBeyond’s’ unified platform enables companies to participate in all Demand Side Response programmes. Our simple 5-stage process ensures you’re on the right path...

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Identify assets

Our highly qualified engineers will identify your suitable assets and establish the parameters of responses.

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Journey plan

Our team will develop a bespoke plan, from proposal to installation, third party requirements, and delivery of revenues and savings year after year.

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Our asset-first approach means that our highly qualified engineers install and test the solution. All with no capital outlay on your part.

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Real-time response

Once testing is complete, we’ll connect your site directly to our hybrid battery and demand side network to enable your participation without impact on operations.

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Within one month, clients start receiving payments from the grid, see savings on their next energy bill, and experience operational efficiencies.

Expertise in Industry

At GridBeyond we enable significant industrial and commercial energy users across a range of sectors to actively participate in energy services and Demand Side Response.

We understand that every organisation has its own array of assets and requirements. Our technical understanding of the unique characteristics of a wide range of industry sectors means our engineers are ideally placed to find the flexibility in your site.

50+ industry

sub-sector partnerships


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of clients would recommend our DSR solutions


in the world to develop hybrid battery & demand network

20 years+

experience in energy engineering and tech

Ready to transform your energy into opportunity?

Discover if you can generate new revenues, enhance energy savings and boost sustainability by participating in demand side response.

Book a 20 minute assessment to determine whether your organisation is eligible.
During the chat, our energy experts will be able to explain the process and answer any questions.