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Case Study: Northern Ireland Water


Northern Ireland Water

Processing 570 million litres of clean water per day in NI
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“By working with GridBeyond, an experienced energy technology company, NI Water is demonstrating a continuing commitment to delivering high quality services, while simultaneously enhancing natural and social capital.”

Jane Mellor Head of Operational Procurement, NI Water

GridBeyond were awarded a five-year contract with NI Water following a competitive tendering process to provide Capacity (AGU and DSU) and DS3 system services.

With a contract also in place with Irish Water, GridBeyond are the only energy technology and DSR (Demand Side Response) provider to support all main water utilities across the all-island Irish market.

As such, this partnership supports SONI (System Operator for Northern Ireland) in integrating more renewable energy into the grid by managing energy demand on the grid, helping Northern Ireland to reach the national energy target of 40% renewable contribution to gross electricity consumption by 2020.

Water treatment is significantly energy intensive, and with continual pressure to keep costs low whilst improving sustainability, GridBeyond’s technology enables just that.

Northern Ireland Water now benefit from:

  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • New revenues via grid balancing services
  • Enhanced savings through peak avoidance
  • Energy optimisation on all connected assets
  • Energy performance monitoring, reporting and benchmarking
  • Fully financed installation
  • Full operational integrity
Unlocking a Net Zero Future Energy and Carbon Reduction, Resilience, and Reporting for the Water Industry


Client Spotlight: Northern Ireland Water

Read more on Northern Ireland Water’s GridBeyond experience, and download the full case study.

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