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A suite of tools to maximise profitability of your investments in the energy sector – from planning to optimisation, powered by AI.

With GridBeyond’s solutions you can deliver energy with unparalleled reliability and efficiency, while simultaneously addressing the commercial aspects of your asset portfolio, as you accelerate the mission to end global dependence on fossil fuels.  

Why choose Baseline? 

  • Asset View: Visualise energy, power, and frequency at the device and/or meter-level, offering an unprecedented granular perspective. 
  • Portfolio View: Gain a comprehensive portfolio-level view for multi-site customers, enabling real-time tracking of metrics and progress towards corporate ESG goals. 
  • Reporting: Elevate your system and financial planning by entrusting AI to assist in the design, deployment, and management of your assets. 

Baseline empowers users to monitor and visualize consumption and emissions in real-time at the asset, site, and organization-wide levels. Tailor your approach precisely to your goals, timelines, and budget constraints. Our adaptable solution not only puts you in control but propels you confidently along the path to success. 



Built on top of our metering solution, Baseline allows users to track their real-time metrics and progress towards corporate ESG goals.

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