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Corporate PPA & Hedging

Corporate PPA & Hedging

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Corporate renewable electricity sourcing is set to play a large part in the transition of the economy and can provide developers and renewables asset owners with long term revenue stabilisation.

Businesses of all shapes and sizes are increasingly looking at ways in which they can reduce the impact of their own operations on the environment, both for reputational reasons and to gain a competitive edge in a society where the environment and our impacts on it is becoming ever more important.


AI in traded energy markets

Corporates are increasingly looking at ways in which they can reduce the impact of their own operations on the environment, and to lower and/or fix electricity costs. But PPAs have many risks associated with them and ensuring your business has the best combination contracts to match your energy demand 24/7, deliver maximum value, diversify risk, and have the greatest emissions reduction benefits can be a challenge.

At GridBeyond we provide a link between renewables generators and energy buyers, enabling them to hedge against risk and gain benefits through corporate PPAs. By accurately forecasting forward power prices and your business demand our AI-powered optimisation solution runs Monte Carlo simulations to match your site demand with managed renewables generation and battery storage assets, helping you to manage price risks and make the biggest saving per MW, while boosting your green credentials.


Ai. Services

GridBeyond’s Ai. Services consist of three complementary products: Ai. Terms, Ai. Trade & Ai. Thrive, which together, will transform your energy into opportunity.

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Hedging and CPPAs

Help with hedging your investment and designing lucrative Power Purchase Agreements.

Managed AI

Smart trading solution combining the expertise of our team with the latest technology to increase your efficiency and competitiveness.

Portfolio and risk management

Unlock new revenues, manage curtailment and price volatility for your generation assets.

Ready to transform your energy into opportunity?

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