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Battery storage and renewables co-location

Battery storage and renewables co-location

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Pairing wind and solar power with battery storage can result in cost savings and fetch premiums in wholesale power markets. But co-location is not the simple proposition it first seems.

Pairing battery storage with wind turbines or solar panels can add a deeper layer of value to the generation asset. But co-location is not the simple proposition it first seems as sharing one export connection could constrain the ability of the other to export and cannibalise prices received.

Our extensive team of Data Scientists and Commercial Analysts are informed by real-time data and supported by GridBeyond’s award-winning “Point“ Artificial Intelligence platform.

Our advanced battery trading strategies cycle far more than once per day by looking to optimise at each time horizon and stack value across the day. We use reliable, real-time monitoring of weather data and dynamic responsive controls to ensure output from the battery and renewables generation assets are tracked closely, preventing overloading of the connection point.

With this level of automated control and trading, pairing renewables with storage represents a cost-effective solution and a potentially lucrative way forward for your investment.

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Utility-scale energy storage | Dynamically maximising revenues for your battery storage investment

Eliminate the complexity from investing in and running a battery energy storage system with our end-to-end solution that encompasses project development, operational optimisation, and long-term maintenance.

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Market access

Navigate and access the array of traded markets and grid programmes for maximum return on investment.

Co-located portfolio optimisation

Dynamic responsive controls to optimise at each time horizon and stack value across the day without overloading your connection point.

Battery storage optimisation and trading

Receive maximum long-term revenues, while taking warranty, degradation and operational constraints into account.

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