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Our Technology

A combination of AI-powered energy management controls

And state-of-the-art machine learning & data analytics

Illustration of Grid Beyond technologies

Introducing GridBeyond Point

AI-powered Point is the award-winning energy management solution. It connects operational, generation and storage assets to manage your energy flexibility automatically, transforming your energy into opportunity. The GridBeyond Point platform is split into 3 distinct areas: TouchPoint, CentrePoint and ViewPoint. Read more about how each element works below...


TouchPoint sits on your site and is either physically or wirelessly connected to your assets. Through the installation of our proprietary hardware, TouchPoint, our platform is connected to your on-site assets. It sends and receives data, enabling control of assets in real time.

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CentrePoint is the cloud-based platform that sits at the heart of Gridbeyond’s artificial intelligence and machine learning our technology. CentrePoint analyses over 70 data sources, and uses AI, machine-learning and robotic trading to automatically place your energy flexibility in the programmes that generate the best returns.

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ViewPoint is your window to your energy activity. ViewPoint not only shows your programmes, revenues, savings and trades, but it also provides data on each of your assets supporting you with energy and carbon reporting and energy efficiency while ensuring asset health and availability is maintained.

Awards for our technology

How it works

Here’s a step by step guide to how GridBeyond Point delivers enhanced energy services to organisations and stakeholders, for financial, operational and sustainable benefit…

1. Your Assets

timeline illustration
timeline illustration

GridBeyond’s technology starts with your assets

By focusing on your assets’ capabilities first and foremost, our technology places the flexibility in your load/operational assets, storage and generation assets in the best programme for optimum returns whilst ensuring operational integrity.

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timeline illustration

Installation of our state-of-the-art TouchPoint hardware on your site is easy

However, our software is hardware agnostic, which means we can either install the latest in energy control hardware onto your site, or use the hardware currently in place. It’s completely up to you.

2. Connected to our Platform

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timeline illustration

A unified platform

As energy markets converge, it is increasingly important to find a holistic demand side response, intelligent energy services and flexibility solutions platform.
GridBeyond Point is a future-proof, unified platform that enables participation in all major energy programmes. The technology enables seamless transitions between programmes, and allows businesses the flexibility to participate on their terms.

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timeline illustration

Machine learning

GridBeyond Point analyses over 70 data sources and uses AI and machine learning to ascertain the best way to use your energy flexibility on your site and within the energy market in real time. These include:

  • Asset Optimisation
  • Price Optimisation
  • Balancing Services & Demand Side Response
  • 3. Intelligent Forecasts & Automation

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    timeline illustration

    Data, data everywhere

    GridBeyond Point forecasts and automates energy controls based on several sources, including:

  • Aggregated site data
  • Individual site data
  • Individual asset data
  • Grid frequency data
  • Historical grid data
  • Pricing from the Balancing Mechanism
  • Weather forecasts
  • Historical weather data
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    timeline illustration

    Peace of mind

    Your peace of mind is our highest priority.

    Automation exists to make your life easier, not harder, so while energy flexibility is automated, your site and asset parameters will always be respected. In fact, our smart technology makes it impossible to breach these parameters.
    For participation in some programmes, you even have the ability to override the automation should you wish to. Essentially, you stay in control.

    4. Delivering benefits back to your organisation

    timeline illustration
    timeline illustration

    Back to business

    Organisations see the benefit of additional revenues, savings, and operational improvements when using the GridBeyond Point technology platform. Benefits include:

    • DSR & Balancing services
    • Price optimisation
    • Asset optimisation
    • Monitoring & Analysis

    timeline illustration
    timeline illustration

    A Hybrid Battery Opportunity

    GridBeyond Point is integrated into the world’s first hybrid battery and demand network. What does this mean? It means that GridBeyond can enhance the overall energy flexibility of its aggregated portfolio of sites (even those with very little flexibility) to deliver greater benefits back to every organisation it works with. This opportunity is entirely unique to GridBeyond clients.

    5. All visible via the ViewPoint portal

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    timeline illustration


    Learn how your business is performing in each market and programme via the ViewPoint energy portal.

    Comparisons can be drawn between individual assets, or compare sites side by side. Drill down into energy consumption patterns and export data and graphs to present to your board. Review the revenue delivered to your business through participation in Demand Side Response, check out your savings, and learn how your excess energy flexibility has been traded in the balancing market.

    timeline illustration
    timeline illustration

    Role-specific dashboards

    We know that the finance director isn’t always interested in asset efficiency drill-downs, an energy manager is less interested in revenues than they are demand reduction, and an operations manager is most interested in operational effectiveness and predictive maintenance.

    This is why GridBeyond ViewPoint provides Finance, Operations and Energy dashboards for users based on their role and interests. They still have access to all the other information, the dashboard just takes them straight to the data most relevant to them.

    6. Ticking along with the help of our behind-the-scenes team

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    timeline illustration

    Network Operations Centre

    Whilst technology is all well and good, it’s good to know that there’s an actual human keeping an eye on things too.

    Our 24/7, highly qualified Network Operations Centre (NOC) team are always on hand to help with any support matters.

    Their role is to keep an eye on real-time grid events, monitor price peaks, man the trading desk, and provide Virtual Energy Manager support.

    timeline illustration
    timeline illustration

    Your Virtual Energy Manager

    GridBeyond Point enables the NOC team to help your energy management strategy go further.

    The team can extract and analyse all the information needed to manipulate data and present whatever it is your business wants to see from an energy standpoint and provide consultancy on how to improve.

    7. Paving the way for a sustainable future

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    timeline illustration

    Goodbye Carbon

    As coal based power plants close their doors, the grid needs new, environmentally friendly sources of generation. The grid has set out its intention for a Decarbonised, Decentralised and Digitalised system. However, without digitalisation, the first two are not possible. That’s where GridBeyond comes in.

    timeline illustration
    timeline illustration

    Integrating renewables

    Due to the intermittent nature of renewable energy, we need to effectively manage electricity supply and demand to avoid blackouts. By effectively managing electricity consumption on large industrial and commercial sites at times of peak demand or lower generation, GridBeyond are helping to integrate more renewables onto the electricity grid for a cleaner, greener future.

    The Opportunities

    Here’s a break down of the opportunities within the energy market and beyond available via GridBeyond Point

    Demand Side Response & Balancing Services add Created with Sketch. substract Created with Sketch.

    DSR & Balancing Services exist to provide much needed flexibility to balance supply and demand on the grid.

    As renewables become more prevalent and the system more decentralised, the grid requires sophisticated technology to deliver a stable electricity frequency. Flexibility can be found in managing the energy demand of industrial and commercial sites, as their impact is significant. This flexibility to work with the grid to minimise fluctuation impact is a service they are willing to reward greatly for.

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    By monitoring and controlling each of your assets, GridBeyond Point builds a comprehensive picture of each asset’s energy patterns. These patterns are vital to developing benchmarks, and in turn can be used to inform predictive maintenance which can save businesses hundreds of thousands when factoring the cost of unplanned breakdowns. This not only applies to operational assets, but to generation and storage too, enabling your business to better plan your energy strategy.

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    GridBeyond developed the world’s first hybrid battery and demand network. Our innovative approach to technology in energy is embodied in this statement. The network essentially enables all GridBeyond clients to benefit from a system greater than the sum of its parts by intelligently managing the aggregated portfolio of load, generation and storage as one.

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    Price optimisation essentially means that a business can take advantage of price peaks, whether that is avoiding them to reduce costs or trading energy generated on-site into the balancing mechanism (BM) to create additional revenue. GridBeyond Point forecasts and automates to ensure your energy is placed into the most lucrative market.

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    Energy performance can only be measured with the right monitoring and analysis. ‘You can’t manage what you can’t measure’ is a sage old phrase for a reason and that’s where GridBeyond ViewPoint comes in. Along with the financial data, operational and efficiency data is available at the user’s fingertips to better inform a holistic energy strategy and improve operational resilience.

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    Expertise in Industry

    At GridBeyond we enable significant industrial and commercial energy users across a range of sectors to actively participate in energy services and demand side response.

    We understand that every organisation has its own array of assets and requirements. Our technical understanding of the unique characteristics of a wide range of industry sectors means our engineers are ideally placed to find the flexibility in your site.

    Ready to start earning revenue from your assets?

    Discover if you can earn revenue from your energy-using assets. Talk to us and find out how your organisation can participate in lucrative and long term grid balancing schemes.

    Book a 20 minute assessment to determine whether your organisation is eligible. During the chat, our energy experts will be able to explain the process and answer any questions.