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Demand Side Response technology

An enhanced energy intelligence platform

Complex technology, simple benefits

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Introducing the GridBeyond Platform

GridBeyond’s award-winning platform connects, controls and automates energy demand using machine learning technology.

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A platform for success

GridBeyond’s machine learning technology platform comprises of 4 parts, the on-site hardware, the cloud-based software, the hybrid battery and demand network, and the client-facing energy portal. The powerful combination enables automated energy demand shifting enhancing the overall energy strategy.

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Your site in safe hands

The smart-sensors installed on-site are state-of-the-art and have been developed in tandem with our software to enable the fastest of responses, whilst automating participation without impact on operations.

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All in the cloud

The secure, cloud-based technology is home to our machine-learning algorithms that use data and asset patterns, as well as external factors to determine when a site needs to react to a frequency trigger, avoid peak charges, make trading decisions, and optimise on-site energy performance and resilience.

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Your window

GridBeyond’s technology platform provides unique insights into energy performance. Analytics, reporting and benchmarking are available asset-by-asset and site-by-site, breaking down information across every area of energy management and Demand Side Response technology.

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The World’s First Hybrid Battery & Demand Network

The unison of each site’s flexibility, combined with the network of batteries in our unique hybrid system, provides powerful flexibility opportunities for the grid to take advantage of. Add to that the second-by-second data monitoring, along with highly accurate prediction models, and unique automated capabilities, GridBeyond’s technology is second to none.

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The bigger picture

The smart-factory is one puzzle piece in the building of smart cities – a vision that fully encompasses a shared energy economy. The intermittent nature of renewable power means that flexibility and agility are key. Automated purchase, consumption and management of energy flexibility means businesses can increasingly take control of their participation in the energy market without in-house expertise.