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Landing Page: Utility-scale energy storage | Dynamically maximising revenues for your battery storage investment

Utility-scale energy storage

Dynamically maximising revenues for your battery storage investment

GridBeyond provides a comprehensive, AI-powered and award-winning utility-scale energy storage optimisation solution that puts cost-savings and grid-balancing controls in your hands.

Eliminate the complexity from investing in and running a battery energy storage system with our end-to-end solution that encompasses project development, operational optimisation, and long-term maintenance.

Utility-scale storage solutions are key to decarbonise and support our energy systems. With rapid deployment of renewable energy putting pressure on grid stability, rising energy demand, and growing value of market opportunities, investing in a battery energy storage system is a favourable option for developers and investors to unlock revenue opportunities that support a cleaner and greener future.

The UK was one of the first markets for front of the meter battery storage after National Grid ESO created a new frequency response market tailored to the technology. Since then, the market has grown rapidly and services that batteries can provide have and are continuing to evolve. As a result, optimisation of battery storage is becoming increasingly complex.

There are significant opportunities to unlock revenues across ancillary services, wholesale, and balancing markets. But, to deliver the greatest value, a delicate balance between grid and market systems, capability limits and commercial warranties needs to be met, while resolving conflicts between multiple onsite, grid and market optimisation objectives.

At GridBeyond we provide a fully integrated, and market-leading battery storage solution. We can help you navigate the array of revenue options, simplify the process, and ensure you receive maximum benefits from your investment, while taking battery warranty, cell degradation and other operational constraints into account.

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