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Case Study: Western Brand

Western Brand Industry leaders in chicken and egg processing in Ireland

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“When GridBeyond proposed Demand Side Response, we were delighted at the prospect of boosting our sustainability credentials and profitability, but were initially sceptical of how this would affect production. Thanks to the team’s thorough audit process and expertise in load shifting and finding the inherent storage in our assets, as well as the advanced metering and control technology, we have been able to carry on as usual whilst benefiting from Demand Side Response revenues, savings and enhanced sustainability.”

Colm Drugan, Environmental Manager

Western Brand operates high-end equipment and machinery to produce quality poultry and egg products. It is vital, in order to meet daily production and supply quotas, that processes remain uninterrupted.

Western Brand now benefit from:

  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • New revenues via National Grid balancing services
  • Enhanced savings through peak avoidance
  • Energy optimisation on all connected assets
  • Energy performance monitoring, reporting and benchmarking
  • Fully financed installation
  • Full operational integrity

Client Spotlight: Western Brand

Read more on Western Brand’s GridBeyond experience, and download the full case study.

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