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Case Study: McCulla

McCulla’s temperature controlled logistics depot uses GridBeyond’s energy intelligence platform to optimise demand for DSR and smart tariffs.

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“Our demand is connected to the National Grid via GridBeyond’s Platform. Staying ahead of the field, our facility is not such a large cost anymore and delivers Revenue month after month.”

Ashley McCulla, MD At McCulla

McCulla operates a fleet of ambient, refrigerated and frozen temperature controlled vehicles and storage.

The company is constantly striving to improve efficiency, reduce waste and provide innovative alternatives to traditional problems. This is why they first started working with GridBeyond back in 2015.

McCulla now benefit from:

  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • New revenues via National Grid balancing services
  • Enhanced savings through peak avoidance
  • Energy optimisation on all connected assets
  • Energy performance monitoring, reporting and benchmarking
  • Fully financed installation
  • Full operational integrity

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