White Paper C&I businesses face shrinking revenue & rising costs in ERCOT

ERCOT | The Changing Face of Costs and Revenues

The vast majority of hours in the ERCOT energy markets are unremarkable; low commodity prices, stable grid, plenty of generation in reserve and the Emergency Response Scheme (ERS) as a further backup.

But the ERCOT energy landscape is changing. Prices are increasingly volatile with recent peaks of up to $9,000/MWh seen this year owing to severe weather, ERS prices are declining, and Four Coincident Peaks (4CP) rates are set to rise dramatically again effective Sept. 1, 2021. When combined, these factors increase price and risks for C&I businesses operating in the region.

But what do these terms mean? And how can your business best navigate the market to increase resilience and boost profitability?

In this White Paper, we examine energy prices and non-energy costs in Texas. How they contribute to your invoice, and how they are changing. We also look at the opportunities for businesses to gain new revenues from energy market and outline how best to optimize your strategy to increase resilience, reduce costs and improve bottom line.