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Landing Page: Revving up the Grid | Opportunities for EV Fleet Owners


Revving up the Grid

Opportunities for EV Fleet Owners

Transitioning your fleet to battery-electric technology introduces a new set of challenges that go well beyond the vehicles.

Charging a single electric vehicle is straightforward. Charging multiple EVs at the same time can be a challenge. From initial project scoping through to energy optimisation and fleet management, GridBeyond provides a complete energy management solution for EV fleets.

At GridBeyond we partner with local authorities and bus and fleet operators as well as charge point operators (CPOs) and infrastructure providers to deliver innovative solutions that optimise the way energy is purchased, stored and used. Our energy services help you avoid charging at times of peak prices and by optimising your demand, generation and storage assets, alongside your EV fleet.

We ensure that site demand can be kept below the grid connection limit to avoid penalties and your fleet is charged on the cheapest and cleanest energy and ready to drive whenever you need it. There’s no need for you to worry about when to charge – we’ll optimise it all for you in real time.

With our AI-powered platform, you can even earn revenue from your EV fleet when it’s not in use increasing return on investment and reducing the costs of further fleet electrification. “Point“ Artificial Intelligence platform, and is consolidated into a truly tailored and responsive energy strategy. This takes into account AI Smart Forecasting, allowing assets to participate in the most lucrative markets in real time via decision models and solvers.

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