On-demand Webinar: Don't Get Left Behind - The Future of Fast Acting Energy Services in the US

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Join us as we take you through the changing energy system in the US and how your business can take advantage of upcoming new revenue opportunities

Fast-acting services are on the horizon. These services will prove lucrative for those able to participate, however the key to participation lies in your site’s ability to react to changes on the grid within seconds. None of this can be done without sophisticated technology in place. 

This GridBeyond Academy webinar will explore the changing energy landscape and how this creates new and exciting opportunities for businesses to enhance revenues, improve savings and boost sustainability credentials. We’ll explain the technology behind the transition, how this enables the stacking of financial opportunities, what these fast-acting services mean for the grid network and for organisations, as well as how participation can be managed without impact on operations.

Your host: Wayne Muncaster | VP North America

Wayne is a global expert on the energy transition and the effects this has on markets and energy consumers.

Starting out over 20 years ago in one of the most advanced energy markets, the UK, Wayne has seen been on the frontline when it comes to the direction of technologies and markets. He is in the optimum position to advise both C&I on their participation, as well as helping grid operators to maximise the opportunities created by the use of new technologies.

Wayne’s invaluable knowledge and expertise have secured him a spot as one of the industry’s authoritative voices, and he is regularly asked to speak at high profile events and conferences.

Wayne Muncaster | VP North America