On-Demand Webinar: How green are EVs, and how a site battery can help you reach your net zero goals?

Around the world, governments and automakers are promoting electric vehicles as a key technology to curb oil use, fight climate change and air pollution.

After a decade of rapid growth, in 2020, the global electric car stock hit the 10 million mark, a 43% increase over 2019.

But as electric cars and commercial vehicles go mainstream, they have faced a persistent question: Are they really as green as advertised? And how can your business take advantage of stationary energy storage to ensure your fleet is charged when you need it on the cleanest and cheapest energy possible?

For this webinar, Shawn Duckett, GridBeyond Regional Director, was joined by two Guest Speakers: Nigel Dent, Head of Sales at Connected Energy, and Thomas Jalili Tanha, Doctoral Researcher at Lancaster University. Together they discussed:

  • How green are EV’s
  • Challenges for the grid and opportunities for fleet owners
  • What happens to EV batteries at the end of life and how second life batteries can help green up the sector
  • How businesses can take advantage of stationary energy storage to support operation of their EV fleets and other energy consuming assets