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Case Study: Brakes a Sysco Company

Case Study - Brakes

With £300,000 in project returns every year, Brakes has integrated Demand Side Response strategies throughout its sustainability agenda

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“Brakes a Sysco Company, is totally committed to our Corporate Responsibility (CR) strategy and implementation initiatives and plans. Safeguarding the future for generations to come is part of our corporate DNA”

Manager Director, Brakes a Sysco Company

Brakes a Sysco Company, has connected 15 of its energy intensive sites to GridBeyond’s intelligent energy platform.

It was decided that Firm Frequency Response would be the most valuable programme to fit Brakes a Sysco Company without affecting operations. The technical engineering team found that Brakes a Sysco Company’s main refrigeration plant compressors and store evaporator fans would be suitable assets to turn down during an FFR event. Brakes a Sysco Company is energy intensive 24/7, and so it was estimated that this would provide an average available load of 3 MW for the FFR Service. On receiving a control signal the compressors and evaporator fans would be turned down within preagreed parameters.

Brakes a Sysco Company now benefit from:

  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • New revenues via National Grid balancing services
  • Enhanced savings through peak avoidance
  • Energy optimisation on all connected assets
  • Energy performance monitoring, reporting and benchmarking
  • Fully financed installation
  • Full operational integrity

Client Spotlight: Brakes a Sysco Company

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