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Could battery technology save the world?

We’re not talking Superman tilting the earth on its axis here, we’re talking realistic ambitions and a steady, sustainable future. To claim that batteries could save the world is a massive statement… and (bravely some might say) we’re making it.


Battery technology is a game changer in the energy landscape. It facilitates the country’s shift towards renewable energy and goes hand in hand with the technology we find in electric cars and mainstream use of decentralised energy such as solar panels and hydropower. It’s part of a movement and is the beginning of something really exciting.

Batteries are the first step in a series of events that will enable the UK to get in line with the Paris Agreement targets, reducing carbon emissions and create a wholly sustainable future. The urgency to preserve the world we know has been ignored for too long, and the reduction in fossil fuel usage for energy will play a huge part in progressing this evolution.

The advancement in green technology for the energy sector has rapidly gained traction thanks to brands such as Tesla, and with solar panels becoming easily accessible through the likes of IKEA, global conscious consumption and practical application of energy savings through technology has been brought to the masses.

For the first time, working towards a sustainable future and fighting climate change is seen as cutting edge and important, a welcome change for those who have been dismissed as tree huggers ready to chain themselves to a bulldozer on a whim.

People and businesses are now engaged in the energy landscape. They are empowered to do more, to be more, and to make a difference. Businesses in particular are under pressure from both society and the government to have an environmental policy, and many companies have found that being greener in both words and actions has given them the upper hand when directly compared to a competitor. It goes to show, we’re all looking for that feel-good factor.



For businesses, battery technology is also now the gateway to lucrative demand side response schemes, such as the latest Dynamic Firm Frequency Response, and is gaining popularity with companies looking to strengthen their operations through energy resilience and improve their green credentials.  However, with a battery costing in the region of £1m per MW, financial viability has been the biggest issue.



With the largest barrier, expense, in mind, Endeco Technologies is working in partnership with one of the UK and Ireland’s leading energy and utility company’s to bring high-end battery technology to large commercial energy consumers at no product cost. This alliance facilitates the entire process, from audit and controls to installation and set up for engagement in demand side response schemes, while your business enjoys the benefits.



We are reinventing not just what we consume but how we consume. Endeco Technologies is building an economic model based on sharing, trading and renting energy, enabling access to cutting-edge battery technology.

This model is key to enabling a greener society that benefits all. It’s how we avoid the use of extra power plants at peak times, how National Grid can run more cost efficiently, it’s how energy costs are reduced and it’s how we enable more renewables for a greener society.


So all in all, yes. Through accessibility and mainstream collaboration, battery technology, commercial and otherwise can save the world, one carbon footprint at a time.

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