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“More diverse and faster acting balancing services are the way forward for the grid”

Eammon Bell, Head of Market Strategy at GridBeyond spoke with Mark Thrower, Managing Editor at EIBI Magazine to discuss how decarbonisation of the energy network and the upcoming changes to balancing services create both challenges and opportunities for National Grid and energy consumers.

“With the decarbonisation and decentralisation of the network, National Grid’s old processes to keep the system in balance are not fit for purpose anymore.

“This can be improved by purchasing more frequency response services, more reserve services, to cope with the changing infrastructure on the system, as we lose fossil fuel plants with a lot of system inertia. We need smaller, more diverse, more quick acting services to step up and take their place.

The wholesale prices should be falling and that should compensate for the raise in cost of extra balancing services. So if anything, National Grid should reassess how they hold and plan for this type of service and hopefully the events from the 9th of August [major power cuts] have shown the way”


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