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Post: EV100 fleets now operating 630,000 electric vehicles


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Posted 1 month ago | 2 minute read

EV100 fleets now operating 630,000 electric vehicles

Fleets that are part of the Climate Group’s global EV100 initiative are collectively operating 630,000 electric vehicles (EVs) – a 57% year-on-year increase.

The EV100 initiative aims to drive the demand for EVs by getting some of the biggest fleet owners in the world to commit to the transition and to-date, members have committed to run 5.45M EVs by 2030.

In its latest progress report, published on 4 April, the initiative noted that over the past 12 months, 231,000 vehicles were switched to electric by 128 EV100 members. The report also reveals that EV100 fleets have installed more than 35,000 EV chargers at 3,442 different locations, with 5,000 coming online in the last year alone.

Source: EV100

To speed up the transition, the group said that support from policymakers is vital and that. governments worldwide need to urgently build out public charging networks, and work in partnership with pioneering businesses who are already running EVs, to ensure investment in infrastructure is targeted at locations of greatest need. 

Other measures, like clear phase-out dates for petrol and diesel vehicles and implementing measures such as zero emission vehicle (ZEV) mandates and CO2 standards, will further allow businesses to invest with confidence in fully electric options.

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