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GridBeyond and Edie launch IoT guide to break down barriers to cutting-edge energy and sustainability tech

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GridBeyond, the leading energy technology and demand side response provider, partnered with edie to create ‘edie Explains: The Internet of Things (IoT)’. This new publication helps businesses to understand the IoT concept and capitalise on its benefits.

The guide provides a comprehensive and impartial overview of IoT technology, its relevance to business operations and its impact on corporate sustainability. Readers will learn about the potential benefits of deploying IoT across their businesses, key factors that should be taken into consideration when looking to utilise the IoT and experts’ predictions for the future.

The guide will be particularly useful for energy, sustainability and CSR managers across both public and private sectors.

Michael Phelan, Chief Executive at GridBeyond commented:

“For large commercial and industrial energy users, IoT technology offers significant opportunities to transform energy strategies by improving efficiencies, generating savings and creating additional revenue streams, while meeting environmental and sustainability commitments.

“We are delighted to work in partnership with edie to create this valuable publication. At GridBeyond, we drive energy technology advances and believe that education leads to better business decisions. The cooperation with edie links to our core values, to empower industries and large energy users to make the best and well-informed decisions about their businesses.

“Our commitment to education is evident through the continual expansion of our GridBeyond Academy, an educational library of resources ranging from whitepapers, guides and insight blogs through to CPD accredited webinars, seminars and podcasts, as well as reports, briefings and statements on current energy market affairs.”

George Ogleby, edie’s Insight Editor and guide’s author commented:

“The Internet of Things is one of the most exciting technological developments in modern times. It is fundamentally transforming the way we do business – disrupting industries and reshaping the corporate sustainability landscape.

“Whether it is through real-time environmental monitoring or enhanced energy management processes, the rapid increase of interconnected devices and objects has the potential to unlock significant new economic benefits and drive vast sustainability improvements for organisations across the board.

“This edie Explains guide explores exactly how businesses can embrace IoT technology to unlock a sustainable Fourth Industrial Revolution. The concept is visibly brought to life through GridBeyond’s industry viewpoint and case study, which illustrate the huge business case of using IoT technology to transform energy strategies.”

Download the guide now

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