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Post: GridBeyond and Monta team up to deliver new EV software solutions


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Posted 6 months ago | 2 minute read

GridBeyond and Monta team up to deliver new EV software solutions

EV charging platform Monta and energy optimiser GridBeyond have partnered together to deliver pioneering technology that transforms charging points into valuable resources, contributing towards grid stability. 

Monta is an operating platform powering the EV ecosystem serving drivers, companies, cities, and the electricity grid with one integrated software solution. The partnership with GridBeyond aims at helping to reduce stress on the electricity grid.

Electric vehicle charging stations are often concentrated in specific areas, especially urban centres. This can lead to a situation where the local grid struggles to meet the increased demand, affecting not only the charging of EVs but also the overall stability of the electricity supply to homes and businesses. Grid contribution becomes pivotal during times of imbalance – either an unforeseen dip in power generation or a surge in demand across the local distribution network or the wider power grid.

By working with GridBeyond, Monta’s managed EV chargers will be used as valuable demand side assets in the Capacity Market and SFFR (Static Firm Frequency Response) programmes. By pausing all ongoing charges, the electricity demand is also reduced matching the pattern set by the imbalance, stabilising the grid and earning revenues from participation of these flexible assets within market. Monta customers opt into the service via Monta’s “PowerBank” product.

‘EVs have a huge opportunity to serve as a flexible asset to the grid if charging is managed correctly. We’re excited to partner with GridBeyond to deliver this pioneering service in the UK and Ireland.’ – says Regional Director Alok Dubey

“GridBeyond are delighted to be partnering with Monta in this innovate solution to help balance the local and national grids. As EV ownership grows, the opportunity that these types of services gives can provide a useful solution across the UK. We are looking forward to growing our relationship with Monta, who are a market leader in EV software related services” comments Michael Kent, GridBeyond Head of EV Solutions.

The testing stage is already underway and has delivered successful results. By linking with Monta’s platform GridBeyond is able to provide market access to flexibility programmes in Great Britain, to forecast periods in advance where imbalances occur and aggregate the flexibility provided by Monta’s charges for dispatch under market programmes to earn maximum rewards for drivers.

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