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GridBeyond Joins North East of England Process Industry Cluster

GridBeyond, the global leader in intelligent energy technology for industrial and commercial (I&C) businesses, has joined the North East of England Process Industry Cluster (NEPIC). The company supports large energy users in improving their bottom line through new revenue streams, increased savings and operational efficiencies.

GridBeyond harnesses the power of AI technology to connect industrial and commercial businesses, and their assets; including on-site demand, energy storage, generation and EV changing, to the award-winning Point platform. The platform enables participation in energy services such as demand response, energy trading and peak cost avoidance, and provides access to a range of monitoring tools that enhance business resilience and operational integrity.


Mark Davis, Managing Director UK & Ireland at GridBeyond, commented:

“We are pleased to join NEPIC, a network of industrial and manufacturing leaders in the North East of England, and look forward to supporting them with our expertise and energy market insights.”

“As the country recovers from the economic damage caused by the pandemic, energy markets create opportunities for businesses to secure fast access to long-term, recurring revenue streams that will help recuperate financial losses and mitigate future challenges posed by decarbonisation policies.

“By connecting energy intensive assets such as cooling towers, compressors, pumps, extruders, and on-site generation to an intelligent energy technology platform, I&C organisations can participate in grid balancing programmes, and benefit from a new revenue stream of up to £100k per MW. All without any impact on production or capital expenditure budget. Additionally, the technology enables in-depth energy analytics, and automations  to improve operational efficiencies and generate savings, further supporting the business case for a holistic energy strategy, which is especially important at this time of economic uncertainty.”


NEPIC Chief Executive, Philip Aldridge, welcomed GridBeyond to the Cluster:

“We are delighted to welcome GridBeyond to the Cluster, who bring with them vast experience and an array of solutions that support the energy intensive industries across the North East. Thanks to the support of our valued members, we continue to work to ensure this region remains at the fore of process sector development, whilst capitalising on our greatest strength – the outstanding companies and connected business community that call the North East their home.”



NEPIC is a not-for-profit organisation that supports the needs and interests of the chemical-processing sector in the North East of England. By working closely with member companies, NEPIC forge meaningful business relationships that allow to identify opportunities, facilitate connections, promote collaboration and enable growth.

For more information on how GridBeyond can help your business improve their bottom line through enhanced energy services, visit our industry pages.


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