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GridBeyond to Speak at Financial Times Digital Energy Summit

GridBeyond are delighted announce that Michael Phelan, CEO and Co-Founder, will be speaking at the Financial Times’ Digital Energy Summit

Industry 4.0 – Scaling up machine learning to deliver data insights, energy optimisation and smart trading for I&C

As energy markets evolve, AI and machine learning technologies are driving forces behind the fourth industrial revolution. Sophisticated cloud-based platforms deliver data insights, changing the ways in which all energy market stakeholders operate and create new opportunities for a cleaner, more flexible and resilient grid.

This session will explore how new data analysis based technologies are being used to automate decisions and develop smart grid energy optimisation solutions. It will also discuss the practical application of the ways machine learning can support smart trading, energy assets lifecycle optimisation, predictive maintenance, as well as battery and generation forecasting.


“Despite continued uncertainty for the future shape of energy, it is clear digital technology will be critical to success. As the contours of this new energy world slowly come into focus, companies are anxious for lessons from early digital pioneers on: digital transformation impact on workplace culture and workforce, implementing innovative technologies at scale, enhancing efficiency and productivity across value chains, and role of AI and obstacles to adoption.

The FT Digital Energy Summit 2018 will continue to bring together over 150 decision-makers (CEOs, CIOs, CDOs,CTOs) from the digital energy community, including market dominators, brand challengers, innovators and cross-industry thought leaders, to track the impact of digital technologies – as part of wider transformation strategy – on an evolving market.” – Financial Times

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