Podcast: Bonus Q&A on DS3, DSU & Capacity

This bonus Q&A podcast follows on from the webinar 'A Masterclass in DS3, DSU & Capacity' for the Irish market

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Bonus Podcast: Q&A from A Masterclass in DS3, DSU & Capacity

This bonus podcast covers the full interactive Q&A session that followed the webinar ‘A Masterclass in DS3, DSU & Capacity’.

This podcast touches on some of the key issues in the Irish energy market, comments on market trends and forecasts, and answers questions raised on breaking down barriers to participation and optimisation of assets for the best returns.


To watch the webinar on which this podcast is based, request access to the on-demand version of the webinar here.




Your host: Michael Phelan

Michael is a demand side response pioneer, CEO and co-founder at GridBeyond.

Michael has over 20 years experience working in and with the energy sector. When Michael founded GridBeyond back in 2007, the market was a very different place. Having seen the evolution of the market, Michael has led the development of the technology, evolving from wireless sensors and meters, to the machine learning algorithms in place today, and every step in between. All of which have anticipated the market, putting GridBeyond clients ahead of the game and optimising their energy for the best return on their demand side response participation.

This experience in both market and technology means Michael is ideally placed to provide advice and education. With the influx of renewable energy and with the Grid requiring the help of energy technology providers and large energy consumers to ensure we can reach our green goals, Michael’s invaluable knowledge and expertise have secured him a spot as one of the industry’s authoritative voices on the topic.

Michael Phelan