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Landing Page: Capacity Market auctions 2023 | Winners and losers

Capacity Market auctions 2023

Winners and losers | 2023 auctions

National Grid ESO has confirmed that the latest T-4 Capacity Market auction (delivery year 2026-27) has cleared at £63/kW/year), topping last year’s record high of £30.59/kW/year. The T-1 auction (delivery year 2023-24) also cleared at £60/kW/year, down from the £75/kW/ year seen in the last auction.

Providing pre-qualification services prior to the deadlines, enabling projects to meet project-specific milestones, and facilitating the bidding strategies across both the T-4 and T-1 Auction’s GridBeyond supported our clients to achieve 390MW of agreements covering between 1 and 15 years.

In this paper, we take a look at results from recent Capacity Market auctions and examine which technologies emerged as the winners and how prices under the mechanism could move in future auctions.

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