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Landing Page: Client Spotlight: HSH Coldstores

Client Spotlight:

HSH Coldstores

Learn how HSH Coldstores enhanced their energy strategy with GridBeyond

HSH Coldstores are a cold storage and distribution organisation based in the United Kingdom. The business operates across 5 cold storage sites across the country and has a fleet of over 40 HGV lorries.

With over 35,000 pallets in cold storage, the business takes the management of these seriously, and works with GridBeyond
based upon the guarantee there will be no impact on operations.

HSH Coldstores began their partnership with GridBeyond in January 2016. Since then, the business has embarked upon numerous energy projects, earning over £100,000 from National Grid for their 1.1MW of energy flexibility. What started as a simple demand response project has evolved into a fully-fledged energy management strategy and a bespoke solar monitoring project.

Learn more by downloading the case study brochure. 

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