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Landing Page: Guide: An Introduction to Demand Side Response


An Introduction to Demand Side Response

Are you confused by demand side response?

It’s no surprise. The energy landscape is a complex place.

Despite the fact the market for demand side response is rapidly growing, there is still a significant amount of industry and commerce that still don’t understand it. With the changing opportunities and mixed marketing messages throughout the energy industry over the years, this guide is here to definitively break down DSR.

Whether you’re new to the topic, or looking for some clarification, in this guide, you will learn:

  • What DSR is
  • Why DSR  exists – energy landscape context
  • The different forms of DSR that exist
  • The opportunities available within DSR
  • Who can participate in DSR
  • The additional areas that can be leveraged with DSR in place

All with a view to building the strongest possible foundation for your business’ holistic energy strategy.

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