E-Book: The Finance Professional's Guide to Energy Services

The Finance Professional's Guide to Energy Services

As a finance professional, your interest in electricity is likely limited to how it affects your bottom line. This is why GridBeyond created this guide.

This guide is designed to help you to understand the direct financial value energy services can deliver to your business. Did you know that electricity can be more than just a cost centre? Energy consumption can generate revenue, and the right energy tech can even improve operational efficiencies. Yes, your energy profile can actually make your business more money.

Make smart-savings over and above the typical “peak avoidance” and energy efficient light bulbs (though every little helps). Your business can participate in risk free markets to trade your energy flexibility for enhanced energy pricing reductions. You can monitor your equipment and machinery throughout its energy lifecycle to ensure optimum performance, create preventative and predictive maintenance programmes to ensure less down-time, fewer ad-hoc maintenance call-outs and optimised operational efficiency.

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