On demand Webinar: Demand Response in the Net-Zero Era

Learn how demand response plays its part in achieving net-zero in this CPD certified webinar

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The energy transition is about to escalate...

With legally binding net-zero targets and global climate strikes taking place, decarbonisation is one of the most crucial topics of our time.

Demand response is key to ensuring the integration of renewables and lowering the carbon impact of industry and commerce. In this webinar we explain its role, and the multiple facets and moving parts in the decarbonisation movement.

Key learning outcomes from this CPD certified webinar:

  • What does a net-zero electricity network look like
  • The role of demand side response in creating a net-zero future
  • How I&C can enhance their sustainability credentials by participating
  • The opportunities for businesses to capitalise on this





Your host: Wayne Muncaster

Wayne is a regular industry speaker and advocate for enhanced energy services and demand side response. He’s also managing director at GridBeyond.

With over 20 years’ experience in the energy sector, Wayne has seen the energy landscape change significantly and is ideally placed to provide advice and education on this complex market. Wayne’s invaluable knowledge and expertise have secured him a spot as one of the industry’s authoritative voices.

Wayne Muncaster