Webinar: Grid Balancing & Energy Services: The key rescuing lost revenues?

In association with ICON

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GridBeyond & ICON

GridBeyond are proud to present this webinar in association with ICON. ICON exists to empower energy and environmental practitioners to achieve their full potential, both personally and in their workplace.

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Join us for our our on-demand academy webinar, in association with ICON...

It’s tough times all round at the moment. Covid-19 has changed the way we work, shop, socialise and do business. One of the most common issues we’re hearing from businesses is “How am I going to make up lost revenues when this is over?”. There are lots of inventive business strategies that can help you out, but our specialism is, of course, energy.

Join this webinar, brought to you by the GridBeyond Academy, to learn about the opportunities within both energy markets and on-site to help ease the load when it comes to energy and operational overheads. We’ll take a deep-dive into balancing services, price optimisation and asset optimisation, whilst showcasing some case studies of how some of the UK’s large energy users are protecting their bottom line, whilst enhancing sustainability and optimising operations.