On-Demand Webinar: Unlocking a Net Zero Future.

Energy and Carbon Reduction, Resilience, and Reporting for the Water Industry

CPD Certification ensures the webinar

  • Is of a high educational standard
  • Results in an official attendee certification
  • Focuses on education, not promotion
  • Provides key takeaways which you can apply to your business’ energy strategy and financial forecasts

As water companies work towards a carbon-neutral future and to meet the demands of the upcoming price review, innovation and cost saving are high on the agenda.

In this CPD accredited webinar we outline how the sector can use new AI-powered energy technologies to meet emissions reporting standards without impacting operations, increase resilience with on-site battery storage, and generate new revenues and savings through participation in grid balancing services and energy trading.

Ideal for those with a beginner and intermediate understanding of demand side response (DSR) and energy management, this webinar will give participants better understanding of the energy transition and its impact on the businesses in the water sector. The interactive format of the session will offer attendees the opportunity to ask questions of our industry and energy experts.

Following the webinar, anyone interested in participating in balancing services, energy optimisation and trading programmes will be eligible for a free, no obligation, on-site feasibility audit.