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Technologies for Optimised Efficiency – A BPF Seminar

On 7th November, Endeco’s account director, Nick Langlois, will be providing a seminar on demand side response at the BPF’s Technologies for Optimised Energy Efficiency conference day.

If you operate in the plastics industry, come along to:

  • Learn how the energy landscape is changing, and how this affects the demand side response market.
  • Delve deeper into demand side response as we bust the myths of what is actually entailed in each of National Grid’s revenue schemes, and what businesses can expect from each.
  • Understand the benefits of demand side response for your plastics business and how it can bolster your green credentials.
  • Learn how your business can find its energy flexibility, with no disruption to operations.
  • Learn how to choose the right aggregator for your business.
  • See a snapshot of our future grid system, and how a proactive approach to energy consumption and demand will benefit the whole of the UK, even the world.
  • Hear about real-life case studies with some of the UK’s biggest industrial and commercial enterprises across a wide variety of sectors.

The Technologies for Optimised Energy Efficiency conference will be taking place in Milton Keynes, and is aimed at senior and middle managers who are responsible for energy management within their companies.



Presenting: Nick Langlois

Nick is an advocate for demand side response and account director at Endeco Technologies. Nick has been with Endeco for over 2 years and works closely with energy, operations and engineering professionals to deliver demand side response solutions to industrial and commercial sites. Prior to his time at Endeco, Nick spent time as an engineer in a variety of industries, including aerospace and oil. This experience, combined with his first class honours in engineering (BEng), means that Nick is ideally placed to find flexibility in even the most stringent of processes, whilst ensuring operational integrity is not compromised.


Endeco Technologies are proud members of the BPF. Through this membership, we keep our finger on the pulse of the plastics industry and aim to understand how we can best help and educate plastics businesses on energy related matters, ensuring that as the energy landscape changes, the plastics industry remains profitable and sustainable.

For more information, the full agenda and to register your place, visit the BPF Energy event page.

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