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What we do

Balance intermittent renewables with energy demand

Reap the benefits of intelligent energy services

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Transform energy demand into opportunity

Our world class technology uses machine learning to optimise energy use and simplify the complex energy market.

GridBeyond enables participation in Demand Side Response, including grid revenue programmes and enhanced energy savings through peak avoidance and trading, whilst providing access to advanced resilience strategies and visibility of energy performance.

Demand Side Response energy services | GridBeyond

Smart Grid Innovation with a Holistic Approach

GridBeyond’s smart grid technology delivers on the grid’s vision for a more sustainable, flexible power infrastructure.

With experience across key industrial and commercial sectors, our highly qualified engineers have a holistic approach to your assets and overall operations, whilst understanding the best way to maximise your participation in flexibility opportunities.

GridBeyond's Smart Grid Innovation

Our services

GridBeyond’s unified platform uses machine learning technology to enable participation in a wide range of programmes for enhanced energy automation, insights and benchmarks, savings, revenues and sustainability.

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Balancing Services

GridBeyond finds flexibility in a site and connects businesses to the most financially beneficial balancing services available.

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Peak optimisation

Optimise the commercial saving opportunities available through peak avoidance, day-ahead and intraday energy trading, all without impact on operational effectiveness.

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Energy optimisation & OEE

Gain unique insights on the performance of any individual connected asset or site for an enhanced framework for OEE strategy and predictive maintenance.

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Capacity market

The capacity market adds another layer of revenues available to businesses when intelligent energy controls are installed.

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World’s first hybrid network

GridBeyond’s hybrid battery and demand technology creates optimum flexibility for the entire network to take advantage of.

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James Brand's review
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GridBeyond’s technology, engineering experience and expertise has meant we have been able to earn large sums and generate significant savings without any impact on operations.

James Brand Managing Director (Foundries) United Cast Bar

Ready to enhance savings, revenues and sustainability?

Discover if you can participate in demand side response.

Book a 20 minute assessment to determine whether your organisation is eligible. During the chat, our energy experts will be able to explain the process and answer any questions.