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DS3 System Services

High value DS3 programmes

Low risk to operations

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What are DS3 System Services

DS3 System Services are grid revenue programmes available to industrial and commercial energy users in Ireland.

They are required by Eirgrid and SONI to meet the challenges of operating a, secure, sustainable electricity system. The DS3 system services are required to help the grid meet the 40% target for renewable energy in Ireland by 2020.

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Technology for a sustainable future

In order to facilitate a sustainable grid that incorporates large amounts of renewable energy, fast acting services are commissioned.

Balancing the demand on the grid in real-time during fluctuations in renewable production is important, and as such, the grid financially incentivises energy intensive businesses to connect to DS3 system services.

By using GridBeyond’s state-of-the-art technology, your business can start earning immediately.

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Proven technology

The intelligent energy technology has been successfully implemented in Ireland, having been refined over years in similar fast-acting services in the UK.

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Developed & refined

Over the course of ten years, this technology has been developed and refined by some of energy and tech’s greatest minds.

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Peace of mind

Our highly qualified team of experts ensure your operational integrity are always at the heart of any installation.

Ready to transform your energy demand into opportunity?

Discover if you can earn revenue from your energy-using assets. Talk to us and find out how your organisation can participate in lucrative and long term grid balancing schemes.

Book a 20 minute assessment to determine whether your organisation is eligible. During the chat, our energy experts will be able to explain the process and answer any questions.