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Firm Frequency Response

Dynamic demand management

Real-time responses

What is Firm Frequency Response?

Firm Frequency Response is split into 2 types of programme: Dynamic Frequency Response (DFR) and Static Frequency Response (SFR).

DFR is known as a pre-fault programme, as it acts as a preventative measure. SFR is known as a post-fault programme, as it reacts to a frequency trigger being hit.

In order to connect to the most lucrative dynamic programme, sites rely on complex controls, and should be managed by a sophisticated technology platform, such as GridBeyond’s, to provide the most valuable service.

Solar panels

The more complex the response, the more sophisticated the technology

As renewable generation plays a larger part in our energy landscape, and as frequency balance wavers when a generation source fails, the quicker the response, the more quickly the grid can be stabilised.

This sub-millisecond response requires the most sophisticated of technology, due to the complexity of the management of the asset’s capabilities. This is why National Grid are willing to pay more for these services.

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Fast acting, low risk

Whilst fast acting, our state-of-the-art technology is rooted in engineering expertise, which means that your site flexibility parameters will always be properly identified and protected, eliminated risk to operations.

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Boost green credentials

Nothing underpins the integration of renewable energy like fast acting balancing services, and nothing responds faster than DFFR. Boost your sustainability credentials by helping the UK meet its green goals.

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Low flexibility? No problem

Our premium technology and world-first hybrid battery and demand network of assets means that even sites with very limited energy flexibility can participate in the fast acting programmes should they wish.

How to participate in 5 simple steps

1. Identify assets & define responses

Our highly qualified engineers will identify your suitable assets and establish the parameters of responses.


2. Bespoke customer journey plan

Our team will develop a bespoke plan, from proposal to installation, third party requirements, and delivery of revenues and savings year after year.


3. Installation

Our asset-first approach means that our highly qualified engineers install and test the solution. All with no capital outlay on your part.


4. Real-time response

Once testing is complete, we’ll connect your site directly to our hybrid battery and demand side network to enable your participation without impact on operations.


5. Reward

Within one month, clients will start receiving payments from the grid, and see savings from their next energy bill.

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Ready to transform your energy demand into opportunity?

Discover how we can help you to find your energy flexibility.

Book a 20 minute informal assessment to determine whether your organisation is eligible. Our energy experts will explain the process in a little more detail and answer any questions you may have.