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Price optimisation

Smart opportunities for smart businesses

Peak avoidance, day-ahead and intraday energy trading

What is peak avoidance?

Peak avoidance strategies enable businesses to reduce energy costs during the DUoS daily “red bands” and seasonal Triads (or TNUoS).

GridBeyond’s intelligent platform automates avoidance whilst accounting for operational scheduling, to ensure minimal disruption to production or processes.

Energy Technology

Energy Trading

GridBeyond’s advanced trading platform provides direct access to the Grid’s balancing mechanism.

By using machine learning algorithms, consumers are able to purchase their power at its cheapest in the intra-day and day-ahead markets, whilst trading their flexible demand and excess generation.

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Automated avoidance

GridBeyond enables several levels of automated peak avoidance, depending on client preferences, from manual through to semi-automated, to full automation.

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Close to real-time trading

Machine-learning algorithms enable as close to time-of-use trades as possible within the market for maximum returns.

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Unparalleled accuracy

GridBeyond have correctly predicted all Triads since start-up in 2007 and have the lowest level of precautionary turn-down time in the industry.

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Visibility & insights

Our state-of-the-art client energy portal provides key insights into peak avoidance and energy trading performance.

We do all the hard work for you

By monitoring and plotting your energy consumption patterns, our peak optimisation strategies will help you to decide how best to manage your site schedules without causing adverse impact on your operational effectiveness, whilst making significant savings.

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Brakes Group

Brakes Group is the largest food service operator in the UK, with further operations across Ireland, France and Sweden, delivering over 1 million cases daily.

With £300,000 in project returns every year, Brakes has integrated demand side response strategies throughout its sustainability agenda.

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Brakes Group is totally committed to our Corporate Responsibility (CR) strategy – safeguarding the future for generations to come is part of our corporate DNA.

Managing Director

Brakes Group

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