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Metals Industry

Enabling Demand Side Response for the metals industry

Learn how to transform energy demand into opportunity

Working with the metal industry

GridBeyond delivers Demand Side Response and energy services to some of Europe's leading metals manufacturers

The natural energy flexibility found in temperature controlled environments, such as furnaces, makes them perfect for participation in Demand Side Response. 

GridBeyond works with some of the metal industry’s key metal manufacturing businesses

Top 5 connected assets in the metal industry

Exhaust fans, induction furnaces, sand mixers, dust extractor, compressors and more...

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Learn more about how GridBeyond can help the metals industry to participate in Demand Side Response and the energy markets without impacting operations.

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GridBeyond are proud members of the Cast Metals Federation (CMF), supporting the entire metals industry.

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Learn how United Cast bar are pioneering new energy frontiers in the metals industry

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Ready to transform your energy demand into opportunity?

Discover how your business can take advantage of the opportunities available through energy services and Demand Side Response.

Book a 20 minute assessment to determine whether your organisation is eligible. During the chat, our energy experts will be able to explain the process and answer any questions.

James Brand UCB
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“It’s good to know we’re in safe hands. GridBeyond’s technology, engineering experience and expertise has meant we have been able to earn large sums, generate significant savings, and meet our commitment to the environment without any impact on operations.”

James Brand Managing Director (foundries), United Cast Bar