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Clean Electricity Overtakes Fossil Fuels

The majority of the UK’s electricity is now generated by low carbon sources, overtaking fossil fuels.

National Grid announced that for the first 5 months of 2019, clean energy moved ahead in the generation share, delivering 48% of generation, vs 47% for carbon-based coal and gas (the remaining is BioGas).

The breakthrough is announced just as the 2018/2019 Winter was named the greenest on record, and as another coal plant closes its doors for the final time.

The BBC reported earlier that in ten years, coal generation will have plunged from 30% to 3%, while veteran energy analyst Tom Burke from e3g told BBC News: “Today’s landmark is a real tribute to technologists. We have cracked technical problems of dealing with climate change.”

GridBeyond is proud to provide part of the technology solution behind the transition. With a continued push for development in decarbonisation, digitalisation and decentralisation, we’ll make headway towards meeting the UK’s 2050 carbon reduction targets.

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