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‘Ice on Fire’ Gives Hope to Reversing Climate Change

“The challenge to reverse climate disruption opens up opportunities for everyone. It is now more profitable than ever to be green. Up until recently, the profit you can make from creating the problem was greater than the profit you can make from the solution. Today, we are at the crossover where the profit you can make from the solution is greater than the profit from the problem. It is possible to stop or even reverse climate change crisis, but we need to act now” explained the experts in a new HBO documentary, produced and narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio.



‘Ice on Fire’ gives a voice to the world’s leading scientists, energy experts and technology innovators to present the evidence of climate change and discuss the technologies that enable, not only to stop but also to reverse the damage already made to our planet. The solutions include switching from fossil fuels to 100% renewable energy through and carbon sequestration through the global implementation of the most advanced technologies, that are already available on the market.

Based on the scientific research, it is not too late reverse the climate crisis, but in order to do so, the world needs to move to 100% renewable energy now.

“This is feasible, we do not need any new invention in this, we know all the technology, we just need to make sure that the people responsible for resource and infrastructure planning understand that this requires a technology that will get cheaper over time.”, said the experts.

GridBeyond are proud that our intelligent energy technology plays a part in supporting the world’s transition towards sustainable, digitalised and carbon-free energy model. By working closely with our partners: industrial and commercial energy users, generators, distributors, transmission and grid operation networks, we are determined to tackle and hopefully reverse this climate change emergency.


For more information on how to watch the documentary in full, visit the HBO website.


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