On-Demand Webinar: How to enhance your overall energy strategy with DSR technology

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CPD webinar: How to enhance your energy strategy with DSR technology

This CPD certified webinar explores the ways demand side response (DSR) touches each and every part of your energy strategy, and how every element can be enhanced with the use of technology.


Ideal for those with an intermediate understanding of DSR and energy management, this webinar breaks down three core concepts in energy management: Reduce demand, Increase generation, Optimise energy use, to unfold the opportunities within each that DSR and enhanced energy technology presents. The webinar then takes these core principles and shows the practical application of DSR technology on an industrial or commercial site, using real-life case studies to illustrate how GridBeyond clients have successfully used DSR technology to enhance their energy strategy. The interactive webinar also offers attendees the opportunity to ask questions of industry expert and managing director at GridBeyond, Wayne Muncaster.


Featured in GridBeyond’s downloadable e-book of the same name, available here, this interactive webinar explores the topic in depth, with the opportunity to ask plenty of questions.


Anyone interested in participating in demand side response and energy optimisation programmes following the webinar is eligible for a free, no obligation, on-site feasibility audit.

Your host: Wayne Muncaster

Wayne is an advocate for demand side response and managing director at GridBeyond.

With over 20 years’ experience in the energy sector and since starting with British Gas in the 90’s, Wayne has seen the energy landscape change significantly and is ideally placed to provide advice and education on this complex market.

With the influx of renewable energy and with National Grid requiring the help of technologically advanced energy service providers and large energy consumers to ensure the UK can reach it’s green goals, Wayne’s invaluable knowledge and expertise have secured him a spot as one of the industry’s authoritative voices on the topic.

Wayne Muncaster