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Landing Page: E-book: How to enhance your energy strategy with DSR technology


How to enhance your energy strategy with DSR technology

Download the e-book to learn how your overall energy strategy can be optimised using DSR technology

Demand side response is often seen as a peripheral service, which bolts on to any given energy management strategy. It can be seen as a risk, and to some it seems unnecessary.

But what if that wasn’t the case? What if demand side response programmes could be incorporated into your current energy strategy, and even enhance it? What if it held no risks? And even reduced risk and improved resilience?

By using the same technology used to monitor, control, automate and visualise demand side response activity, your business’s energy strategy can benefit significantly, whilst obtaining the ever-elusive sustainability thumbs up.

Having worked with hundreds of energy managers, CSR managers, sustainability professionals, operations directors, finance directors, MDs and CEOs (to name a few), we found that there are 3 key areas of focus that all stakeholders have a vested interest in as far as energy strategy goes:

1. Reduce demand
2. Increase generation
3. Optimise energy use

This e-book explores these 3 areas with focus on asset and process efficiencies, scheduling, predictive maintenance, load shifting, sleeving, ancillary services, time of use scheduling, energy markets, storage optimisation, balancing mechanism, PPAs and more.

Keen to delve even deeper into the topic? 

Request access to our accompanying webinar, hosted by managing director Wayne Muncaster, to delve deeper and gain a further understanding. We’ll explain the principles and technology in further detail and explore case studies from some of our clients.

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