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We get by with a little help from our friends. Lean on me. I’ll be there for you. The classic and immortal words of support from The Beatles, Bill Withers and The Rembrants. But since nobody’s writing songs about the support your business can provide the energy infrastructure, and the financial support it can provide to you in return, we’ve written this blog instead.

It’s not because it’s not important. It’s because this kind of support is a relatively new requirement. And let’s be honest, it lacks the same sentimentality.

The energy landscape has changed significantly. Renewables are prevalent, the future of carbon-based power plants is somewhat shaky, price peaks are becoming more volatile, and essentially, keeping the balance of supply and demand is becoming trickier.

You may have already heard of demand response (DR), demand side response (DSR) or distributed energy resource management (DERM). These all fall under the same umbrella and require both generation and flexible site load to react according to network signals. The primary network signal being grid frequency. Here in the US, the equilibrium point is 60Hz, but it differs from country to country.

The grid has an obligation to keep the frequency at a safe and stable level, which is increasingly difficult as intermittency becomes more rapid. Therefore, networks are incentivizing businesses to participate in demand response programs, and the faster a business can lower its load or respond to a system “event”, the higher the incentive.

At a time when business isn’t secure, the economic climate is speculatively gloomy, and uncertainty is the order of the day, revenues from the grid can be one way to protect that bottom-line. Especially when participation is configured to ensure operational integrity is fully maintained.

The problem at the moment?

Many businesses that are already participating in these programs are doing so using older technology. This older technology means there is a limit on how quickly, and intelligently, a site can respond, which in turn limits their earning potential.

Future-proof technology

GridBeyond’s award winning technology can be found on the sites of some of the world’s most well recognized industrial companies. The Point platform has enhanced their revenue earning potential with access to the fastest acting programs, whilst stacking additional opportunities such as price peak avoidance, on-site efficiencies and asset optimization.

In addition to that, our world-first hybrid battery and demand solution increases flexibility further and maximizes all of these opportunities to deliver even further revenues and savings. Future-proof technology is the key to ensuring your business gains the best possible returns today, tomorrow, next year and beyond.

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How to future-proof your energy services?

For a no-obligation discussion with one of our experts, request a call back from one of our friendly team and they’ll explore your eligibility and talk through some of your options.


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