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Post: UK must go further and faster on net zero


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Posted 4 months ago | 2 minute read

UK must go further and faster on net zero

A new review of the government’s net zero plans has claimed that delaying climate action and net zero risks damaging the UK’s economic prospects.

The report, published on 13 January, claims that the UK is “falling behind” on some targets and needs a “new approach”, with clear and consistent policies. Chris Skidmore – the Tory MP who was commissioned by former prime minister Liz Truss to review the government’s delivery of net zero, to ensure it was “pro-growth and pro-business”, said net zero is “the growth opportunity of the 21st century”, but the UK “must move quickly” and decisively to reap the economic benefits of achieving the target. “Moving quickly must include spending money. We know that investing in net zero today will be cheaper than delaying, as well as increasing the economic and climate benefits”, Skidmore said.

The report calls for 25 actions within two years, including:

In his conclusion, Skidmore said the UK was in a “net-zero race” and delaying decisions risked losing jobs, infrastructure and investments to other countries.


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