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You could earn thousands of pounds in revenue for your company this year


Right now, you might be missing out on earning real revenue for your company every month. And to tap into that revenue, you don’t have any upfront costs to worry about. It sounds too good to be true – but we are entirely serious. If your company uses a lot of electricity on a day to day basis, whether you operate large industrial factories or a set of hotels, the National Grid will pay you monthly to join one of their energy balancing schemes.

Why? To help prevent nationwide power cuts.

The National Grid has a duty to keep Great Britain supplied with electricity, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. To do this, it needs to keep the grid at a balanced level of power.

Believe it or not, even having too much power can even cause a power cut.

Keeping the grid at a balanced level is fundamental to keeping the nation’s electricity running. The problem is that the demand for electricity and the supply is never consistent. People use more power in the day than night and supplies of renewable electricity, such as solar or wind power, varies wildly with the very changeable British weather. That’s why the National Grid are looking for large energy consumers to hook up to the grid and adjust their electricity consumption to help keep the power balanced.

Large energy consumers, just like your company.



There are a number of different schemes you can get involved in – with a broad range of potential earnings depending on which you choose. Endeco have seen some of their clients earn over £800,000 in a single year using their platform, and with new schemes coming on board this spring, it’s only set to increase.

The amount you could earn is based on how much power your company can both use and provide to help keep the grid balanced – whether it’s increasing power consumption when the grid’s power is too high or reducing it at peak times. If you have batteries that store power on site you could earn even more. You can earn around £100,000 per MW (planned to be increasing to £140,000) providing you switch to the most profitable scheme at any one time.

It’s incredibly easy to switch schemes with Endeco too.

Changing schemes and researching which is the most profitable at any one time can be a huge task to undertake.  However, it can all be taken care of for you with Endeco. Our account managers closely monitor new schemes and make sure you’re updated to more profitable ones as soon as they roll out.



Connecting to the grid doesn’t need to impact your operations in any way – Endeco can assess your premises and consult on the different options you have so you can join the system feeling secure that the changes won’t impact on daily operations.

You don’t have to connect everything that uses electricity in your company – just the assets that you feel will gain you the most revenue without impacting on production.

What’s more is, you don’t have any upfront costs to pay to set it up.

You do need specialist equipment to connect to the National Grid in this way – but luckily Endeco can take care of building and installing the bespoke equipment needed, and offer software that will make sure you are always on the most profitable scheme at any time – at no upfront cost. They take a percentage of the earnings made instead of charging you anything.



Your company will be eligible for one of these government schemes if it uses 0.25MW per year or more; so even if you only use the minimum requirement you could earn £25,000 more by joining Endeco Technologies.

If you’d like to find out more, getting started simply requires a quick twenty minute phone call consultation. You can call us on 01923 431 638.

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