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Case Study: Ardagh Glass

Glass industry

Ardagh glass pioneer sustainability and flexibility initiatives with GridBeyond’s hybrid battery and DSR technology


“The grid-optimising platform, delivered by GridBeyond, enables Ardagh Group to participate in the National Grid’s Firm Frequency Response service. In practice, the battery reduces the plant’s reliance on the grid and when there is no requirement for the excess energy that has been stored by the Tesla battery, it can be delivered back to the National Grid, thereby reducing the CO₂ impact of energy demand.”

Bishwa Giri, Energy Manager for Glass Europe at Ardagh Group

Ardagh Glass is the leading global supplier of value-added, infinitely recyclable packaging solutions for the world’s leading brands.

Ardagh has 108 metal and glass manufacturing facilities in 22 countries, employing approximately 23,300 people, with sustainability being one of it’s core values. Ardagh started working with GridBeyond in August 2016. With some experience in dealing with Demand Side Response aggregators, Ardagh were looking to switch to a more technology driven product that could deliver the best returns through energy savings and placement in the relevant energy markets.

Ardagh now benefit from:

  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • New revenues via National Grid balancing services
  • Enhanced savings through peak avoidance
  • Energy optimisation on all connected assets
  • Energy performance monitoring, reporting and benchmarking
  • Fully financed installation
  • Full operational integrity
GridBeyond works with the leading global glass manufacturers to boost sustainability and profitability

Client Spotlight: Ardagh Group

Read more on Ardagh Group’s experience and download the full case study.

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“We are committed to environmental responsibility and sustainable manufacturing processes and had been exploring battery storage solutions to help us effectively meet these commitments. When GridBeyond approached us with its hybrid battery and DSR offering, we felt confident that this would provide the efficient and cost effective solution we were looking for, which it has now successfully delivered.”

Annelene Fisser, Group CSR & Sustainability Manager, Ardagh Group
GridBeyond works with the leading global glass manufacturers to boost sustainability and profitability
News | 24 July 2018

Ardagh Wins Best Sustainability Innovation at International Beverage Awards for Hybrid Battery & DSR Network Project

Ardagh Glass won Best Sustainability Innovation at the International Beverage Awards held in Japan for their hybrid battery and demand side response (DSR) project with GridBeyond and ESB

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