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Metals industry

United Cast Bar (UCB) partnered with GridBeyond to deliver a best-in-class energy solution, enabling them to optimise their power usage at the manufacturing plant in Chesterfield.

United Cast Bar (UK), part of the United Cast Bar Group, is one of the world’s leading and most successful manufacturers of continuously cast-iron bar. Committed to environmental responsibility and sustainable manufacturing processes, UCB needed a partners that understood its mandate for a low-carbon future, and could deliver a future-proof project whilst boosting business profitability.

“It’s good to know we’re in safe hands. GridBeyond’s technology, engineering experience and expertise has meant we have been able to earn large sums, generate significant savings, and meet our commitment to the environment without any impact on operations.”

Just over 3 years ago, UCB were looking for a trusted and experienced technology partner to intelligently manage and optimise their energy demand. In using GridBeyond’s energy intelligence and control platform, UCB lead the metals industry and were able to generate revenue from National Grid programmes, avoid peak charges, monitor and analyse energy consumption patterns whilst reducing their carbon footprint and optimising their equipment performance.

World-class technology balances the frequency of the electricity grid by controlling the demand of large energy consumers, enabling the integration of more intermittent renewables onto the electricity system.

Fast forward to 2017, and UCB were looking to take their energy resilience to the next level with an on-site commercial battery.

Again, UCB needed to maintain their reputation as the vanguard in energy within metal manufacturing, which is why they turned to GridBeyond for guidance on a suitable provider.

GridBeyond introduced their partner ESB Smart Energy Services, who invested in and managed the installation and implementation of a 500 kW battery storage solution located at UCB Chesterfield.

The battery fit perfectly into the portfolio of assets controlled by GridBeyond’s grid balancing platform, enabling United Cast Bar to participate in National Grid’s Dynamic Frequency Response programme and enhance their peak avoidance.

Thanks to GridBeyond’s world-first hybrid battery & demand network, the platform combines the energy flexibility in the battery with the flexibility in UCB’s on-site equipment and machinery to provide an increased amount of energy demand availability. By combining control of large demand assets with the control of the highly flexible battery assets, GridBeyond’s hybrid platform allows UCB to maximise the value for their participation, essentially increasing their revenues.

Key Project Details

Project Type

Project Facts

  • 45,000 tonne capacity foundry
  • 1.9 Megawatts declared to National Grid
  • Reduced energy consumption, optimised operating efficiency and high financial reward gained

Customer Goal

  • Accomplish the environmental commitments made by UCB
James Brand's review
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GridBeyond’s technology, engineering experience and expertise has meant we have been able to earn large sums and generate significant savings without any impact on operations.

James Brand Managing Director (foundries), United Cast Bar

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