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Join GridBeyond at the ERCOT Market Summit

GridBeyond are proud to sponsor and exhibit at the ERCOT Market Summit.

Join us from 25-27 February 2020 at the Sheraton Austin Hotel at the Capitol, Austin Texas.

ERCOT Market Summit will examine potential new market rules and economic drivers, while bringing policy-makers together with utility, solar, wind, IPP, finance, and trading executives to explore the potential solutions and opportunities. They will examine the possible impacts of an anticipated upsurge in solar capacity not only on power prices but also resource adequacy, and how the changing generation mix will drive opportunities for storage and DERs to meet market needs.

  • Reassess resource adequacy, risk mitigation, and portfolio strategies for the low reserve margin era
  • Get the perspectives of end-user, public power, and co-op executives on what they are looking for in power contracts
  • Hear emerging strategies for managing increasing transmission congestion and basis risk
  • Assess how much solar, wind, and storage will clear the queue… and their impacts on the forward curve
  • Learn what will be needed to assure the bankability of projects in ERCOT

The Impacts of Changing Market Fundamentals Executive Briefing will provide an incisive assessment of the ERCOT landscape in a one-day overview dedicated to market trends and the impacts of policy drivers. Connect with peers and dive into the current valuations, risks, and projected rewards in the ERCOT market – a great source of information for shaping your organization’s strategic direction.

Source: https://infocastinc.com/event/ercot-market

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