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Landing Page: Managing the potential of batteries in the energy transition

White Paper:

Managing the potential of batteries in the energy transition

Managing the potential of batteries in the energy transition

Against a backdrop of high gas prices and tighter margins in late-2021, prices in the day-ahead power market reached £1,800/MWh, and balancing prices reaching over £4,000/MWh and in 2022 to-date we have seen Capacity Market auctions clear at record highs. Together with the introduction of new frequency response services, this has resulted in significant commercial appetite for energy storage. But making strategic decisions to ensure maximum return on investment for these assets has never been more complex.

In this White Paper, produced in collaboration with Thrive Renewables, we will explore:

  • The role of batteries in the transition to net zero energy sector
  • Commercial perspectives around operating and optimising battery storage assets
  • Key considerations for securing financing for assets
  • The importance of market forecasting, revenue stacking, dispatch optimisation, and auction bidding strategies in ensuring that battery storage assets achieve their full value potential

Expert contributors:

Chris Smith Asset Development Director, GridBeyond

Chris has been working in the energy industry since 1996. Working with multiple companies at different stages of growth, from start-up to established multi-national businesses. Successfully helping companies to grow their business or market share, predominantly in the purchase of renewable power from generators.

His recent focus has been on renewables and ‘Power Purchase Agreements’ and on utility-scale batteries and their optimisation to balance increased intermittency in the power sector.

Monika Paplaczyk, Investment Director, Thrive Renewables

Monika joined the team in 2007 whilst the company was managed by Triodos Bank. In her role as Investment Director, Monika leads the investment team in the originating, development, acquisition and construction of sustainable energy assets, as well as managing the commercial aspects of the portfolio. Monika is part of the advisory group for Innovate UK’s ‘Prospering from The Energy Revolution’ challenge, which is investing up to £102.5 million in industry and research to accelerate innovation in smart local energy systems.

Jo Butlin, Non Executive Chair, Thrive Renewables

Having spent over 20 years in leadership roles working across the UK energy sector, Jo now has a mixed portfolio of Board positions and consulting clients.  She brings deep and broad knowledge and experience of policy, regulation and operational leadership to the sector. In addition to being recently appointed Chair of Thrive Renewables, Jo is Chair of Ofgem’s ESO Performance Panel; Chair of The Energy Consortium Ltd; a Founder of the Womens Utilities Network and Board energy advisor to a range of investor and corporate clients.

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