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Landing Page: On-Demand Webinar: EV Fleets & Energy Markets


On-Demand Webinar: EV Fleets & Energy Markets

How to manage price volatility, boost resilience, generate new revenue, and advance Net Zero

GridBeyond Academy is proud to invite you to join our upcoming webinar

Charging a single electric vehicle is relatively straightforward, but charging multiple EVs at the same time can be a challenge, even more considering the unique operational times of bus fleets.

During this webinar, GridBeyond Co-Founder and Chief Executive, Michael Phelan, will discuss how:

  • transitioning your fleet to battery-electric technology introduces a new set of challenges that go well beyond the vehicles.
  • to create and deliver a suitable EV strategy that will bring financial and environmental benefits to your organisation.
  • AI technologies can support your business manage EV fleet charging to reduce costs and gain new revenues, while supporting the decarbonisation of the grid.
  • generating your own electricity or taking advantage of battery storage technologies could fuel your EVs while reducing your reliance on the grid.
  • a technology partner like GridBeyond could support your business from planning and scoping all the way through to charge management.

At GridBeyond we partner with local authorities and bus and fleet operators as well as charge point operators (CPOs) and infrastructure providers to deliver innovative solutions that optimise the way energy is purchased, stored and used.

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Your Host: Michael Phelan

CEO & Co-founder at GridBeyond